duminică, 28 martie 2010

Hammerhead Sharks on the road to extinction

Hammerhead Sharks on the road to extinction


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A Hammered Shark drowned in driftnet followed by sukerfish, the classical photo that tells you much more than thousand words..

Scientists have revealed that nine new species of sharks are to be added to the official list of animals at global risk of extinction. In particular the  hammerhead shark had seen its population reduced by 99%(!!!) in the last few years, due to overfishing. Sharks' fins are highly prized as a delicacy in Chinese cooking, and prices can reach as much as £150 per kg. An estimated 100 million sharks are killed every year, with many fishermen simply slicing off their fins before throwing them back into the water where they usually drown or bleed to death.

As usual I just could post a gallery with some good pictures found on the web to show to the all of us what incredible animals we are seriously risking to lose for ever:

Photo Charles Hood/oceanimage.com

Photo Brian J. Skerry

When they swim in shoals, Hammerhead Sharks are one of the most impressive natural wonders:

Photo Eric H. Cheng

we've started this post with a beautiful image of an horrible thing and we close it in the same way with three (quite disturbing) pictures:

a Hammerhead Shark with seven cubs

a Hammerhead Shark Fin

finned sharks die slowly in the water