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World's largest OLED TV LG

Korean electronics company LG caused a worldwide stir when it announced its 55-inch OLED panel last week, and now the company has rolled out two more pictures that show you what kind of remarkable TV set this is going to be.

January 1st, 2012 by Dave@LGUK

 On its official LG UK Blog, LG says this screen's color is even more vibrant because of its four-color pixels, making its picture more natural and accurate than other OLEDs. Each tiny pixel emits red, green, blue and white, instead of the red/green/blue used in the pixels of other OLED sets and most other TV sets manufactured today.

How groundbreaking is this TV, anyway? If you've ever seen an OLED screen, all of which are much smaller than this one, you'll know how outlandishly vibrant its colors are. And an OLED screen can be impossibly thin.

For instance, the one you see here is only 4mm thick -- take a look at the right side of the picture and you'll see the woman's finger pointing at the edge of the screen.

OLED TV LG now !

Does that make a noticeable difference? We'll take a close look at this screen and others like it at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next week and give you our first-hand impressions.

 From what we've seen, LG is serious about its OLED manufacturing, where it invested $226 million in mid-2010 to create a new production facility, tripling its OLED capacity. Many other manufacturers are whispering about OLED screens. There are already smaller OLED screens available now, albeit at exorbitant prices. There are small OLED screens on millions of smartphones. This is not science fiction, folks.

The OLED screen (organic light-emitting diode, read more about OLED technology here) is nothing new, but here's the innovation: Until now, it's been difficult to create the screens in a size this big, at a reasonable cost and with a long-enough lifespan. The problem with this announcement is, LG is not saying when this screen will be available, how much it will cost, or how long it will last.

So will this be yet another spectacular CES demo of a product that will never make it into the homes of real-world consumers?

No question about it: You're looking at the OLED TV LG  the future, and the question is not if we'll see these screens available in large sizes and affordable prices, but when.

And the screens have much faster response time, with refresh rates that could (again, theoretically) reach 100,000 Hz. They're brighter, lighter (this 55-inch screen weighs 16.5 lb), and can even be flexible.

 The promising fact: huge OLED TV LG screens can be printed onto razor-thin surfaces using a process akin to an inkjet printer, theoretically making them even cheaper to produce than today's LCD and plasma screens.

Apple iPad 3

This article explains you about the new features that are to be included in the iPad 3.

    The Apple iPad is one of the best-selling tablets in the world, and the iPad 3 is one of the most anticipated devices from Apple this year.

In a nutshell, the Apple iPad3 will feature a new, thinner and sleeker design, down nearly 20 percent in size compared to the iPad 2. It will also support full touchscreen HD display with a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536.

However, the battery is reported to cost 20 to 30 percent more than the current iPad’s battery, which will also have a longer battery life.

Apart from that, the iPad 3 will have a lighter battery life, reducing the weight of the tablet.
It is also expected that the iPad 3 will have a wireless charging technology, which will be able to charge the battery and transfer data wirelessly.

iPad 3 Features

Let’s now take a look at all the features in depth:

A6 ProcessoriPad 3

 Now Apple is aiming to make the competition tougher by sporting an A6 Quad-core Processor in the iPad 3. This would make the iPad 3 as powerful as any high-end desktop.

The current Apple iPad 2 has a 900MHz dual-core ARM Cortext-A9 processor, Apple A5 chipset and PowerVr SGX543MP2 GPU. This certainly made the Apple iPad 2 a powerful tablet and a main competitor in the world of tablets.

 Fabricating Apple’s A6 in 28nm (instead of the 40nm process Nvidia is using for its quad-core part) will reduce both die cost and power, yielding a much better product.”

According to Linley Group senior analyst Kevin Krewell, “We expect the A6 will be a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 design, which would be competitive with next year’s best mobile processors. In 2012, Nvidia will offer a quad-core Cortex-A9 processor, and Qualcomm will have the aforementioned MSM8960, a dual-core A15-class processor operating at 1.7GHz.

iOS 5

The iPad 3 will come with the latest iOS 5, which will host the multi-touch gesture technology. However, analyst and tech enthusiasts predict that Apple would introduce OS X Lion for the tablet, since it will be powered by a quad-core processor.
This will also include multitasking features, such as notifications, task-finishing, app-switching, location and background sound.


The iPad 3 will come with an improvised camera, since the previous version of the table didn’t seem impressive enough. Unlike the iPad 2, the new tablet will come with LED flash to support the camera. It is expected to have a 5MP camera with 1080p or 720p video recording quality of 60 frames per second. The technology made by OmniVision will help reduce the size of the table by 20 percent.

3D Feature and New Retina Display iPad3

There are speculations that the tablet will display the 3D view. Although it’s too early to expect features like 3D display, devices like the LG Optimus can record videos in 3D, and output the same through HDMI.

Apple enthusiast expected the Retina Display feature on Apple iPad 2; however, Apple has been working majorly for an improvised version of it to include it in the iPad 3.

The iPhone 4 currently supports the Retina Display with a screen resolution of 960 x 640. Apple explains Retina Display as: “Developing pixels a mere 78 micrometers wide, Apple engineers were able to pack four times the number of pixels into the same 3.5-inch (diagonal) screen found on earlier iPhone models. The resulting pixel density of iPhone 4 – 326 pixels per inch – makes text and graphics look smooth and continuous at any size.”

With the Retina Display feature, the screen resolution of the iPad 3 will be 2048 x 1536 pixels. However, it is said that the third version of the tablet is delayed due to Retina Display issues, and Apple is expected to ship the tablet in early 2012.

Fingerprint Proof

The touch screen will be coated with oleophobic materials, which will reduce the oil and fingerprints on the screen
Apple has already been granted patents on this technology, and is working real hard to make the iPad3 fingerprint proof.

Cloud Computing

With iCloud users can store photos, apps, calendars and access songs on iTunes without having them to store in the phone’s memory.
Apple announced its Cloud services during the WWDC 2011, and will definitely include the iCloud technology both in the iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

Apple iPad 3 Release Date

Reports state the trial production is likely to start this October.
There isn’t any official word from Apple on when the iPad 3 will be released; however, rumors indicate that it will be announced sometime early next year.
One of the major reasons why the launch of the device has delayed is due to the Retina Display technology. It is also said that it could be delayed because of legal issues with one of Apple’s main supplier, Samsung.

The price and availability of the iPad 3 is still unknown. Please make sure that you keep visiting this page to stay updated.

Apple iPad 3 Price

Though the tablet promises quite a lot of new and exciting features, rumors indicate that it could be priced at a very high range. However, with the competition kicking in, I expect that the iPad 3 will be set at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, are you going to buy the new iPad 3 ? And what other iPad 3 features are you expecting? Let us know by adding your views below.

Make Extra Money

Making extra money is the key, especially when paired with lifestyle changes that result in frugal living
Quite often I hear from people who feel trapped in a job and need to figure out a way to make extra money. They hear about how I’ve paid off a lot of debt in a short period of time and they wonder if my income has changed significantly. My answer is, yes, I have used a few unexpected windfalls from different sources AND made extra money to get those debts paid off. .

The answer is : make extra money.

Since your day job usually pays the bills, how can YOU make extra money? Here’s some ideas to help kick start your brain into thinking about how to increase the earning side of the equation. These aren’t considered “passive” income (filling out opinion surveys for cash & rewards does take time), but they can help generate some take-home pay to help reduce your debt and potentially get you some breathing room.

Make  money yes or no.

The old phrase “spend less than you earn” is made up of TWO factors: spending and earning. Sure you can reduce your spending by a great deal, but very few people have saved their way to wealth. They have also earned additional income and then put that extra money to work for them. There are many ways to make extra money, but how you make extra money is dependent on your current sources of income.

Make Extra Money By:
1. Photography.

You could potentially start photographing people’s children, their weddings, their anniversaries, or their parties.
 Do you have one of those fancy cameras? Know how to use it? You could take interesting photographs, post them on the appropriate sites, and then make money every time someone uses your photograph.

2. Plant maintenance.

  Make some extra cash by taking care of house plants and even outdoor gardens while people are on vacation. You could also offer to take care of the plants kept in local offices on a long term basis.
Just like people need help taking care of pets, they also need help with plants.Don’t forget your mileage tax deduction if you drive your car for your new business!

3. Offer to clean homes during the day or offices at night (depending on your schedule).

 Add in the houseplant maintenance and you could get a double whammy for your profits! Don’t forget the mileage deduction.
4. Substitute teach at your kid’s school.

Check with several schools (don’t forget the private schools) to see what requirements they place on subs and how much extra income you could earn.
 My wife does this quite often. Teachers have doctors and dentist appointments just like everyone else. Their children get sick and they have to take care of them. When these events happen, the school needs a substitute teacher.

5. If you liked #4, could you offer to teach at your local community college?

 One or two courses at night or on the weekends could make you a little extra cash.

6. Freelance writing.

Have a unique ability to pen the written word? Have a solid grasp of grammar, spelling, and communicating? You could become a freelance writer for newspapers, magazines, or other local periodicals. THAT could help you make extra cash! Don’t be afraid to endure a lot of “No’s” and you’ll eventually get that “Yes” that can give you some instant credibility. You can always build a portfolio by guest posting on blogs or by submitting articles to your local newspaper.

7. Tutor.

Drop by the local school system and offer your services to the summer school folks after making sure it’s okay with the school staff, of course.
 If you have a college degree, use your downtime to tutor kids in the summer or even over the Internet to make additional income.

8. Internet research.

 Really know your way around the Internet? Offer your skills in research to local businesses. You may have to do a few freebies to get your foot in the door, but this could be a tax deduction as a startup cost in your quest to generate extra money.

9. Pet sitter.

If you live in an apartment, you could offer to feed, water, and check on pets kept in their homes. Then you could deduct the mileage from your taxes for an additional bonus.
Right now I’m looking for a pet sitter for my miniature dachshund. The kennels charge at least $20/day. Could you undercut the kennels, charge $15/day and keep a few pets in your home? If you’re wary, you could always set a weight limit and only keep those little guys (like mine). People need help with hamsters, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, and even exotic pets.

10. Iron clothes.

People are busy and if you offer to iron their clothes and pick up/drop off at their office, you would set yourself apart from the cleaners.Make money.

11. Run errands.

The last time I checked, the IRS rate for mileage was just north of 50 cents per mile. By offering to run errands for people (dry cleaning, drugstore, grocery store, post office, etc), you could earn extra money for your time while reducing your taxable income from mileage.

12. Teach a language.

 Do you speak another language? Do you speak English well enough to teach it? Either way, your skills are in demand and will help you make extra money.
Most people prefer to learn a conversational style rather than just conjugate verbs around the dinner table.
People need to learn other languages and non-English speakers need to learn English. Who knew just talking and having a conversation could result in earning additional income? Try learning Spanish or step on out there and pick up Mandarin Chinese!

13. Do you have a unique skill or ability?

 Have you EVER heard someone say to you, “I wish I knew how to do that.” The “that” could be building decks, arranging flowers, baking pies, playing the piano, canning food, making jewelry, framing pictures, or raising roses. People will pay to be taught. They will pay even more if you offer to teach their children. Offer to teach them or their children in their homes and you could earn even more.
Make money fast !

14. Babysit.

Most day care centers won’t accept a child who has a fever or a runny nose, but if you contacted several day care centers for referrals of mildly sick children, you could carve out a profitable market niche for yourself. Make certain you follow all local laws when keeping children.
 There are actually several ways to go here. You don’t have to only offer to babysit for young parents looking to get a few hours break and attend a business function, though that is a possibility. What if you offered to keep kids all night long for parents who worked third shift? What if you offered to keep kids who were feeling a little sick (nothing major)?

15. Become a life coach.

 Encouraging others to strive for success and live up to their potential is what being a life coach is all about. You can squeeze in appointments on weekends, during your lunch break and in the evenings after work, making it easy to earn extra income while keeping that day job.

16. Become a “green” consultant.

Offer to evaluate someone’s home and make recommendations to help it become more green. You could offer to change their light bulbs to CFL’s or LED’s, install a programmable thermostat, install ceiling fans, or make other recommendations.
 Do you know how to make those little lifestyle changes that result in a home using less energy? You could also sell your services to businesses. I bet this will become a very large industry in the next few years. Some people will make a LOT of extra money!

17. Make jams and jellies.

 If you listened to your grandma and learned to can and preserve food the old fashioned way, a quick trip to the farmer’s market could result in you making a big batch of peach preserves, blackberry jelly, or strawberry jam. Then you could sell it for a profit at a local market or over the Internet.

18. Do you love to garden and use organic methods?

 Depending on how large your harvest may be, you could offer “in season” locally grown, organic vegetables and fresh herbs for sale to a restaurant. Take a basket of your most beautiful vegetables and visit several restaurants. Chefs are always interested in getting the best, the freshest food for their patrons. You could pick them, wash them, and deliver them within the hour. You can’t get much more fresh than that!

19. Set up computers, home theater systems, or wireless networking systems for the technologically challenged.

 You can offer to come in and help those with new gadgets get them set up, install new programs, organize the spaghetti mess of cables, and make sure everything is plugged in correctly.
 Even though technology is a constant presence in our everyday lives, some people just can’t seem to get the hang of it.

20. Can you bake?

 Making and decorating cakes can allow you to show off our artistic side. You could also offer to bake pastries and other goodies for local coffee shops, a local deli, or even sell them in local office breakrooms.

21. Clean infected computers

A year or so after you’ve set up those computers, offer to help clean and speed up computers that may have been infected with viruses, malware and spyware. You know it’s going to happen and someone will get paid to clean those systems.

22. If you’re really on the technology band wagon, you could offer to help people change the formats of their media.

 Changing VHS videos to DVDs, scanning old photos, moving CDs to MP3s, or other format changes can make you some additional income.

23. Know your antiques?

Do some research to discover the real value of your finds and spend your next lunch hour auctioning it on eBay.
 Spend your weekends scouting those garage sales, thrift stores, estate auctions, and flea markets to score old treasures on the cheap.

24. Get paid to shop.

There are several companies that hire people to perform a mystery shop and report their experiences. Make sure you’re fair and that you understand the way each company goes to market.

25. Are you a genealogy buff ?

 People love to know their family histories, but don’t have time to do the research. You can offer your services as a “family researcher” and help clients learn about their roots, learn about your own in the process, and generate extra income.

26. Got a sewing machine?

 Many local clothing stores, particularly upscale stores, men’s suit stores, and even dry cleaners need people with sewing skills. Here’s your chance to show off your skills and make a little extra income.

Make money from your blog

If you're interested in taking it further — blogging for money, if you will — here are five strategies that could turn your blog into a moneymaker.

Many people who write blogs today simply want to share their opinion on something. But then there are the business-minded folks, who have found a way to use blogs, or Web logs, to bring in a little extra cash too.

 1. Market your services in your blog.

 "When it resonates, it means money. Since starting this approach, I have generated three new paying clients and brought in about $10,000 on revenue — directly attributable to specific blogs."

Many people associate blogs exclusively with a cyberspace-based soapbox — a place to shout your opinions and little more than that. "Instead of short commentaries that begin a dialogue with readers, as many blogs do, I write the equivalent of journal articles that demonstrate my abilities, strategies and perspectives on specific issues," Barnett says.

Granted, blogs are an ideal venue to share your thoughts with others, but don't overlook their capacity to generate new business as well. When appropriate, work in references to what you do and, in turn, what you may be able to offer any would-be client or customer who may be reading your blog. That can spread your opinion and your business moxie at the same time.

 2. Sell advertising.

For Bing Blogs and services such as Google's AdSense or BlogAds, bloggers can establish ad programs. AdSense's — which lets you select several ads that are consistent with the content of your blog — pays you based on how many readers click on the ads for further information.

This is likely the most common means of leveraging a blog to generate income. If yours happens to become a well-known blog, or one that is well-received in a particular niche, it's always possible to sell ad space on your own. Even better, it's free. BlogAds, on the other hand, hooks bloggers up with would-be advertisers and levies a commission in return for any ad placements that result. "The nice thing, too, is that the ads are relatively unobtrusive,"

How  Make Money From Blogging

 Advertising Banners

By far the most popular advertising method so far in 2009. Website owners love this because they know they are guaranteed the money, other techniques such as affiliate marketing can go up and down a lot depending on what you promote.

 Pay Per Click

By far the easiest way to earn money online from a website or blog is from Google Adsense and being paid per click. Can be very lucrative if done right!

CPM Advertising

 As long as you can predict your impressions which is usually east to do, you know how much you will earn.
This method is really popular for the website’s that receive a huge amount of traffic, advertisers pay you for impressions rather than sales or clicks!

 Affiliate Sales

Selling on commission depending on your niche can be a huge earner and is by far my biggest earner. You promote great products and then get great commissions.

 3. Solicit contributions.

Not every blog-related income opportunity involves hawking goods or services.

Programs such as PayPal make it easy to establish a simple on-site contribution collection button. 

Ask for contributions. If, for instance, your small-business blog supports a cause or issue in some fashion — say you repeatedly mention tax reform, health care or some other topic — you can always ask for reader support. Even if you've attracted a group of regular followers who simply enjoy reading what you have to say, they may be willing to underwrite their loyalty with a little financial help.

 4. Use a blog to deepen your existing customer relations.

Nor does any marketing material inserted in blog content have to be limited to bringing in completely new business.
By using a blog to regularly communicate with existing clients as well as other readers, you can take advantage of the opportunity to fully inform them about everything your business does. That may expand your readers' understanding of the full scope of your products or services."My blog has helped existing clients determine the range of my skills and services," says Cristian  Popa - Flamengo Int consulting and training concern . "One client who had only used me for training in the past was surprised at my range of expertise and is now using me for a consulting project. Another who only used me on technical projects is now considering me for a more business-oriented project."

5. Help sell others' products.

Affiliate programs enable your blog to serve as a conduit between readers and online sites offering various goods and services.

Here is another click-through opportunity.

One popular choice is If, for instance, you offer book reviews or even just mention a book in passing in your blog, an affiliate program provides a means for your readers to click directly from your blog to Amazon to obtain further information about the book.

If they break out the checkbook or charge card, you get paid as well.