miercuri, 3 noiembrie 2010

Grabit !

A DOOMED mouse takes one last look at the world before being gobbled up by a monster frog.

The 4lb African Bullfrog made short work of its tiny prey with the help of razor-sharp teeth.
Known as the Biting Frog, it has gnashers in its lower jaw called odontoids which allow it to chew anything it can fit in its cavernous mouth.
Other favourite meals include reptiles, birds and even poisonous SNAKES.
The frogs, found across southern Africa, are famed for their aggressive nature and will lunge at anything that poses a threat.
One is even said to have eaten 17 baby spitting cobras at one sitting.
This vicious-looking specimen certainly showed no mercy as he gulped down his mousy meal in one bite in Mozambique.
Maybe next time he'll try the rat-a-chewy.