vineri, 25 martie 2011

Highest Paying Top Click Topics Keywords

Keywords Which Pay out $20+ cost per click

Try writing about one of these topics. It may be tougher to get traffic but you don't have to have a lot of clicks to get ones with a high value!

server hosting
small business servers
windows dedicated servers
check your credit
bad credit mortgage
orchard credit card
equity line of credit
0 apr credit cards
check credit score
small business credit
0 credit cards

Keywords that Pay out $10-15 Cost Per Click

Here are more Google Keywords I found pay out $10-15+ per click. I will keep adding to the list as I do more research. CPC may change over time but these keywords can just give you ideas for writing in general!

family medicine jobs
debt consolidation
apply for a credit card
credit offers
compare credit cards
credit card application
best credit cards
credit solutions
line of credit
credit card machine
free credit report
credit relief
rewards credit cards
consumer credit counseling services
free credit score
credit cards for students
oil sprayer
engagement ring insurance
boat accident
best boat insurance
discount boat insurance
antique boat insurance
telephone systems for business
small business telephone
business servers
server rental
hosted server
exchange server
dedicated game server
fix my credit
credit card
debt help
cash back credit card
credit card rewards
credit card processing
debt management
debt free
express credit card
credit counselors