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 Of Youtube Success

A consistent audience requires consistent content.

Take a look at any mega-viral video and see how many subscribers that account has. David After Dentist’s account has, at the time of this writing, almost 100 million views, but only 40,000 subscribers.

On YouTube “How do I become successful ?”

Whatever you choose, know that your potential success is determined entirely by what you put into it.

So ask yourself “What kind of video do I want to see?” and make it.

There is only one rule for length…

If your videos have 15 seconds of material, it should be 15 seconds long. An idea, expressed to its full extent in fifteen seconds, placed in a one-minute video is a boring video. If your video has five minutes of entertaining content, guess what? It can be five minutes long and people won’t get bored.

" Of Youtube " Respond to a Crisis

In times of crisis, video is one effective way to respond to questions and help calm fears.

Extend Your Brand

Want to step up your digital communications campaign using YouTube? Integrate the look of your profile page with your website homepage or other online communications channels. Creating consistency and connections to other channels makes it easier for visitors to get more information from your online resources.

Connect with Media and Bloggers            Of Youtube

One of the most obvious ways to leverage YouTube and other video-sharing sites is by creating and sharing your high-quality videos with reporters and bloggers. If you have good relationships and good content, reporters and bloggers may share your video with their readers by embedding it in a blog post. At the very least, a good video offers an excellent way to start a conversation. Just make sure the videos you are sharing are not merely leftovers of some other video project.

HOW TO: Become a YouTube Sensation

Promote Via Other Networks

Find New Audiences With Different Content

10 Of Youtube Tips

1. Create and Customize Your Channel

2. Add Subtitles

3. Don’t Overuse Annotations

4. Act To Remove Offensive Comments

5. Engage With the YouTube Community

6. Organize Your Content

7. Don’t Overlook Tags

8. Promote Your YouTube Videos Elsewhere

9. Use YouTube’s Free Analytics Tools

10. Don’t Neglect Your Channel