luni, 30 ianuarie 2012

Gibbs Quadski - amphibian vehicle

Gibbs Technologies has one more amphibian vehicle schedule to hit the market in 2011.

 The Quadski is the first personal off-road vehicle to make a seamless high-speed transition between land and water. Quadski’s fuel tank allows it to travel for up to two hours on water and has a land range of 600 kilometers.

The Quadski is an ATV that converts to a jet ski in less than five seconds. It features a top speed of 50 mph on land and water, a proprietary marine jet propulsion system, and five-second-wheel retraction.

Gibbs Technologies plans to license the design and technology for the Quadski and is seeking expressions of interest.

The design is a modern take on the concept of recreational vehicles. In addition it is ideal for life saving, search and rescue, military, emergency services and aid workers who will be able to reach areas and people no two or four-wheel drive vehicle could reach.

Alan Gibbs and Englishman Neil Jenkins. In 1995 Alan Gibbs built his first amphibian. Shortly after he discovered a concept for an improved method of lifting the wheels.

Gibbs Technologies has its U.S. headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The company was established by New Zealand entrepreneur

Recognizing the potential for amphibian technology, Alan Gibbs founded Gibbs Technologies in 1996. Gibbs Technologies has other two amphibian models produced prior to the Quadski: the Aquada and the Humdinga.

The Quadski will be available on the market at a price point of $46,000.00.