vineri, 21 mai 2010

A rubbish dump ? no, just a river...

This is according to many sources the most polluted river all over the world. It's Citarum, one of the biggest rivers of Indonesia which passes also near to Jakarta, the Indonesian capital. It was once a gently flowing river, where fishermen cast their nets, women did their washing and children swam, now is just a poignant display of human disregard for the environment, choked by the domestic waste of nine million people and thick with the cast-off from hundreds of factories. Their occupants no longer try to fish. It is more profitable to forage for rubbish risking disease for one or two pounds a week if they are lucky. The carpet of rubbish is so dense that the wooden fishing craft which float through it are the only clue to the presence of water.

One of the obvious consenquences of this pollution is visible in this last photo. This June 275,000 fishes died in just three days due to the water poisoning.