marți, 8 februarie 2011

Woman forced to have sex with dog for dowry

Mumbai: In one of the worst cases of torture centering around demands for dowry, Ruchika Agarwal (name changed), a 24-year old woman from Sion, was allegedly tortured with iron rods before being forced to have sex with her in-laws' pet dog on Sunday night.
Ruchika called her parents late that night informing them that she was being tortured, following which her family reached her in-laws' residence and rescued her.
Ruchika had suffered a bleeding nose and complained that she had been hit with an iron rod on her thighs. Her parents admitted her to Sion hospital and also filed a complaint with the Dharavi police.
Woman forced to have sex with dog for dowry
Later, Ruchika admitted that they also forced her to have sex with their dog and added that it was not the first time she had been forced to commit this unnatural act.
Ruchika's father told MiD DAY that his daughter had been beaten up on several other occasions as well.
"Every time something happened, we chose to remain quiet and reach an amicable settlement since we are poor and have to maintain our respect in society," he said.
He added, "Their demand for more dowry is never ending. They have already been paid Rs 5 lakh and now they are demanding another Rs 2 lakh.
They have not only physically assaulted her, but forced her to have sex with their dog as well. Even her brother-in-law attempted to rape her.
The police have not arrested them and have filed a cross complaint against us for allegedly assaulting their family."
While Ruchika's family has filed a complaint of harassment and torture, her in-laws have complained that they were beaten up instead and have been admitted in hospital.
According to the police, further investigation is presently under way.