miercuri, 20 aprilie 2016

How To Get Free Backlinks

Get Unlimited Free High PR One-Way Backlinks

The internet is becoming a maze of both opportunities and marketing strategies. One thing that many don't realize at first, is that the internet is home of one of the greatest free marketing platforms ever conceived. To understand how to take advantage of this you need to first understand how the system works. We will discuss in this article how to get free backlinks, what backlinks are, and some techniques for acquiring some traffic to your site from search engines.
You may be wondering, where can I get or find free traffic to/for my site. The basics of how you would generate traffic to your site are not all that hard to learn, in fact most people learn them right away, but applying them is a whole other story. Essentially the search engines are where 99% of your traffic will come from so you need to get on the search engines good side. You do this by first realizing that the search engine is a business like any other and like any business it has a product. The product is web content. Your site must be well written, helpful, and offer the info seekers something of value. If you write your website content or have it ghostwritten, well, then you will most likely nail most of the on page search engine optimization checkpoints. The search engines have robots also called spiders, which is essentially a program that scans every page on the web looking for specific things.

There are two things it looks for, some are on your site/page, others are on other peoples pages. On the page itself you need to set it up simple, the page must load quickly, have headers, and be relevant to the title and headings. This is actually the easy part. The off page optimization is a bit more tricky although it is a very simple requirement. Off page optimization is the backlinks. A back link is just what it says, a link back to your site or your sites pages from other sites. A backlink is weighted by how valuable the site it comes from is. This is determined by an algorithm but to consolidate my point, if the site gets a ton of traffic and has, itself a high page ranking (PR) in Google, then the backlinks will be valuable.
It is not just enough to get hundreds of links to your site from other sites, you need to know which sites will get the search engines coveted high page rank. Now that we've been properly introduced to the backlink and it's importance, lets cover how to get them and where to get them as well.
On the top of the list of free backlinks that carry a lot of weight is ezinearticles.com. This site has Google's and other search engines undivided attention it seems. What you do is write a bunch of articles, about 400 words in length that offer the reader some valuable information. It must be well written and engage the reader. The articles should not include any links or URL's, as ezine articles site doesn't allow this. It should also not contain more than 1% keyword density. Where the back link comes in is in what's called the author bio box. You will insert a link to your site, which should essentially offer them a more expanded set of information on what your article talks about. For example if your site is about 50's cars, your site would have several pages about different cars, car shows and so forth. Your ezine article could talk about a particular car, or car shows as well, but try not to write about the same things on your site. You may talk about car shows in one respect in the site and another angle in your article submissions (that's what their called by the community).
Another way to generate backlinks is to post on forums relevant to your site. The more engaging and informative, helpful, and useful your post is the more people will want to check out your site. You would again not put links directly into the posts but rather in your signature line where they will see it. People don't like being sold to go to a site but if you offer them great information in a post they will often seek out anything else relevant you wrote, thus your signature will offer them your site url which they will click through to. This is live traffic but the forum signature on posts also gets crawled by the search engines and the backlink will count. The trick is to pick a forum that is both relevant and has a high page rank.
You can post links in blog comments, social sites like facebook and myspace, and even in membership sites profiles. Link exchanges are sites that are willing to put a link to your site if you put a link to theirs on yours. What most sites do is create a links page where they host all the links from sites they've made a deal with. This is an interesting way to also track where your backlinks are!