duminică, 17 mai 2009

Sacked for sheep sex prank

TWO British oil workers have been sacked after simulating sex with sheep due to be slaughtered for a Muslim festival.
The animals were being killed for 30 foreign workers to celebrate Eid Al Adhha in the Algerian oil town Hassi Messaoud.

The men, who have not been named, were reported by stunned restaurant workers and guards — then sacked by their employer, US industrial giant Schlumberger.

They were accused of sheep violation.

A spokesman for the company — which provides services to oil firms — said: The individuals have been dismissed because their behaviour was totally unacceptable.


Meanwhile a police spokesman warned that local Muslims saw the sacrificing of sheep at Eid as some-
thing very sacred.

One ex-pat living in Algeria told The Sun: If you relate this to teacher Gillian Gibbons they can thank their lucky stars.

All she did was name a teddy bear Mohammed