duminică, 17 mai 2009

Savage . . . bull mastif slashed and stabbed.

The evil maniac tried to slit two-year-old bull mastiff Arnie’s throat nine times and another two sickening blows exposed the pooch’s spine.

But the butchered pooch was saved by vet Neil McIntosh — and now the blade monster is being hunted by cops.

Horrified Neil said: “This is among the worst cases of animal cruelty I have ever seen.

“The dog had 19 wounds, the most significant of being nine attempts at slashing his neck.

“One of the slashes on his neck could not have been closer to exposing the jugular vein. He was incredibly lucky it wasn’t severed.

“He also has four hack marks on his back, two of which were down to the spinal column.

“On one of his legs the muscle had been hacked down to the shin bone.”

Arnie was reported missing by his owner in Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, on Wednesday night and found a day later in agony.

Amazingly the brave pet walked into the vet’s WAGGING his tail — despite the deep, painful cuts all over his body — and is now recovering. Neil added: “A nicer dog you couldn’t meet, yet he’s had to have surgery for three hours and has had 92 sutures.”